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PRE-ORDER (Recommend ordering a week prior to ensure on-time delivery)


Our Luxe Collection is supplied by one donor


Very full from roots to ends


Longevity is from 2-3 years


This is our Raw line that includes Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Burmese (Myanmar) bundles


Includes lengths 12-28 inches

You can only receive longer lengths if you book an install or custom unit.

Luxe Hd 2x6 Closure + Bundles

  • How long is shipping?

    All orders are preorders as of now, 7-9 business days from the time of purchase.

    How long do the bundles and closures/frontals last?

    Guaranteed 2-3 years for the bundles. Closures/ frontals vary depending on your maintainence, anywhere between 3 months to a year. 

    Are all bundles the same? 

    No, because the hair is raw the textures will be similar but not the same. We have three textures (Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Burmese (Maynmar), so be sure to know what hair you would prefer and what you can manage.

    Does raw hair require a lot of maintenance?

    Yes! treat your bundles as you would your own hair. Wash when needed, using quality shampoos and conditioners, and always brush from ends to roots. 

  • - We provide three orgins, Vietnamese straight, Cambodian natural wave, and Burmese curly 

    - All orgins can be colored and bleached 

    -Longevity 2-3 years on average with proper care 

    - All hair can hold your desired style 

    -No synthetic fibers 

    - Full from roots to ends 

    - Medium to High luster 

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